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UWI Cave Hill Campus Recieved Books from the Chinese Embassy in Barbados

      On September 15, 2006, H.E. Ambassador Liu Huanxing, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Barbados, donated about 200 english books on subjects of China's politics, economy, culture, science, history etc. to the main library of the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies. The presenting ceremony was held in the main conference room of the campus with the presence of Professor Leo Moseley, Deputy Principal of the UWI Cave Hill Campus, Professor Hazel Simmons-McDonald, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Karen Lequay, Director of the main library and some librarians.

Ambassdor Liu handing over the books to Karen Lequay, with Professor Leo Moseley posing in between

      Professor Moseley, on behalf of the Cave Hill Campus of the UWI, extended the heart-felt thanks to the Chinese Embassy for this donation of wide-range variety of books on China. According to him, increasing interests in China are seen these days among students in Cave Hill and people around the island, with these books, more and more people will obtain primary understanding about China in an all-round manner. Also as a profound physician, Professor Moseley gave his high appreciation to China's academic development and achievements and expressed his strong expectation of strengthening academic exchanges and cooperation between UWI and the Chinese Universities as well as carrying out Chinese language teaching and learning in Barbados.

Ambassador Liu introducing Professor Moseley to a book

on Tibet

Ambassador Liu chatting with Professor Simmons-McDonald

 with Karen Lequay looking on

      Ambassador Liu pointed out that China enjoys a remarkable history of over five thousand years and a brilliant culture with its unique characteristics, and over the last 28 years, profound changes have taken place in China and achievements have been witnessed in China's social and economic development, China is making great efforts in establishing unprecedented close ties with the international community in the fields of politics, economy, culture and so on. China also carries out educational cooperation with many countries including Barbados by providing government scholarships for foreign students to pursuit academic studies in China, up to now, several Barbadian students have benefited from the programme. Ambassador Liu sincerely hoped that the books donated would promote Barbadian people's understanding of China, and in the meantime, educational exchanges and cooperation between the two countries could bear more fruits in the years ahead.



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