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Wang Yi Talks about Current Situation of Korean Peninsula: UNSCRs Shall Be Followed by All Parties

On December 4, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Minister of Foreign Affairs Damdin Tsogtbaatar of Mongolia jointly met the press after their talks in Beijing.

When answering questions over another launch of ballistic missile recently by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), and the preparations of the US and other countries on further strengthening sanctions on the DPRK, Wang Yi expressed that the tensions of the Korean Peninsula are escalating again after maintaining relative quiet for two months. Various parties did not seize the opportunities China appealed earlier, for which the Chinese side felt sorry.

Wang Yi stressed that against the new changes in the current situation, all parties have successively put forward some new propositions. China has always viewed various kinds of suggestions with an open mind. However, there should be a thing we all abide by, that would be the provisions and spirit of relevant UN Security Council resolutions (UNSCRs). UNSCRs represent the common will of the international community, and are the international responsibilities that should be shouldered by all members. For this reason, China has always firmly opposed to the DPRK's advancement of nuclear missile development regardless of UNSCRs, and always implemented the specific contents of various UNSCRs in a strict and comprehensive manner. China has also opposed to any actions that could escalate the tensions, and unremittingly promoted peace talks, which are also the requirements of all previous resolutions. Propositions against UNSCRs or measures beyond UNSCRs lack the basis of international law, undermine the legitimate rights and interests of UN Security Council members, and will also be adverse to the smooth implementation of various UNSCRs.

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