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Welcome to the Online Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China

CPC history is the most epic chapter in the modern history of China. From the groundbreaking founding of the Party, to the earth-changing establishment of the People’s Republic of China, and to momentous reform and opening up, the CPC has created a century-long history that the Chinese people can be proud of. CPC leadership is an inevitable result of historical development and the choice of the Chinese people. It is essential to socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is the great advantage of the Chinese socialist system, and the fundamental political guarantee for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the historical intersection of the Two Centenary Goals, the new journey of building a modern socialist country in all respects has successfully started.On the new journey, the CPC will always put the people first and remain true to its original aspiration and founding mission, move forward the great cause that no one has ever done before step by step, and create a greater miracle that will impress the world.

On this occasion, the Chinese Embassy is hosting an Online Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China. We invite you to join us with the China yesterday and today through the exhibition, by scanning the QR code below or through the following link: http://wx.kangyemc.com/yayiguan/jiandang100.html

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